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I honestly do not know where I would be without writing. It has definitely been my therapy for depression but it has also been a way to express the many shades of my heart. Feelings. Emotions. Sometimes I think I have more emotions and feelings than the average person!

When I am feeling down, anxious, happy, in love, scared, etc., I write about it. Writing has helped me gather my thoughts in a way I could not do orally. It has also been my escape from reality. I sometimes write about what I think other people are going through or things I dream about.

Sharing my thoughts with others is new for me. I have been writing poems and stories for over 25 years but 99% of them have never been read by anyone before. I kept all my poems hidden away. It wasn't until I started sharing them with others that I felt a sense of release from a lot of pain I held inside. It was freedom. It definitely was scary at first (I felt naked) but I know I am not the only one out there that needs freedom. My hope is that my blog will inspire others to find their place of freedom and share that with us all!

Lindsy Brewer



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