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Love is a Fugitive

This is for anyone but I wrote this thinking about so-called Christians. ✝️

Pay attention to the emotions that rise up while reading the poem 📝 at the end.

First off: I am not saying I’m right about anything! I just like people to think. One of my greatest strengths I believe is knowing I don’t know everything. 😃 Anyone that states that immediately loses my attention.

Here’s a little peek into my early Christian life.

I spent years going to a church that made me believe the pastor was “the man” or “top dog” and you just followed what he preached. I didn’t dig deep into the Word, instead I dug deep into my pockets because I was swept away with the prosperity message: “Give and you shall receive.” We were so poor but we kept on giving. We were given scriptures taken out of context and blindly followed because of all the hype. I mean they had great music, coffee, and a fun Harvest Party every Halloween! Hey- not saying any of that is wrong, but it can also be used as a distraction to get our attention off of the reason we are there in the first place. Just keep that in mind. What are you really worshiping when you go to church? Why go to church if you’re only there for the music? Is it just to get a pat on the back or to check it off your Pharisee check list?

I had a good heart and good intentions but I was a fool for lack of knowledge. I didn’t strive to know the Word as much as I did the community of believers and what the pastoral staff thought. I didn’t realize I was doing that - I thought I had a great relationship with God. I read the Word, I prayed and had small group Bible studies. But I had a filter covering my eyes. A filter that kept me bound and judgmental, only accepting things that my church believed. Why didn’t I question? Why didn’t I use sound judgment? Why didn’t I read Proverbs so I would gain discernment? We should always be questioning, whether it’s our own beliefs, our government’s beliefs, or any other belief system. We don’t have all the answers. Science changes, culture changes, belief systems change. Everything is changing. There’s only one thing that never changes: The Word of God.

Most Christians today, never read the Word. We parade around in these Holy Ghost costumes thinking we can play church when in reality we are dying inside, crippled with unbelief and faking a Christian life. The outer appearance looks great, what we post on social media is so “spiritual” yet we are corrupt and perverted inside. We carry bitterness, envy, rage, strife, hatred and all sorts of filth inside. Most of us don’t have a prayer life and often accept the world’s belief system rather than that of which we claim to be a part of. Why do we accept the world's view? Perhaps because we are spending more time reading social media posts and what television tells us rather than what the Word tells us. No wonder we are so unhappy and so divided.

In 2003 I moved to Dallas, TX to attend Christ for the Nations Bible College. I met people from ALL over the world. People of all nations who believed in God and the Bible but had different interpretations of it. They had different perspectives based upon their culture and experiences. It was mind blowing. I thought I knew it all! I thought because I was an American, I had it all figured out. I thought what “the man” told me was gospel. My mind was completely confused and enlightened at the same time.

Imagine being held under water and you’re about to go unconscious and then someone grabs you and lifts you up. As you approach the surface you come out gasping for air with eyes wide open and you think, “OH MY GOSH! THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD LOOKS LIKE!” There’s more than one viewpoint! I had been completely fooled by one way of thinking.

I realized this world is so much bigger than what had been presented to me, so much more than my own personal experiences. Most of us won’t ever think differently unless we are confronted by tragedy or a life altering event. I was brainwashed to believe in someone else’s belief system. I had no idea how judgemental and narrow minded I was. This judgment completely left no room for love, real love (the love of the Father.)

Stop being so judgmental of others. Let God judge. You don’t know what they are going through or where they are on their journey. Remember you will stand before God alone, not with anyone else by your side. You will have to answer for your life, not anyone else’s. Stop being so concerned about what other people believe or think. Most of us are more concerned about the way others live rather than their own life. Why? Clean yourself up before offering to help someone else. Chances are you don’t even know what’s best for them anyway.

Someone needs to hear this: there is someone in your life that needs your love right now, not your judgement. Stop being so judgmental and find a way to love others. We could use some more love in this world right now. Our world is divided more than ever. Abraham Lincoln gave a speech in 1858 and quoted part of scripture in Mark 3:25, where Jesus states, "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”

America continues to divide itself and look where it has led us. Stop dividing our nation. Look for ways to unite us or we will destroy ourselves!

“If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.” Galatians 5:15

✌️💛 🕊


It starts with us. How can you show true love if you are shackled with judgement? You can’t.

No one knows if they are right. No one. There are too many fake, pretentious people walking around acting like they have it all together or have all the answers. Don’t tip your hat to me when you carry a knife to stab me with. What would your heart truly look like if we exposed it? Would you really see the love of the Father? Would you see bitterness, jealousy, resentment, hate...? How many are carrying it in our hearts and then faking a “Christian“ life or some other life?

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no commandment greater than these.”

Mark 12:30-31

When you question your heart about gender, race, politics or anything, think on this. We hear so many “Christians” preaching about the laws in the Bible and using it to shame and judge. Where is love? Until you can start preaching AND walking in love, your beliefs hold no value.

Why are we handing out: judgement, ugliness, hatred and spewing foul venom from our lips? We look ugly when we do that. God won’t have our back on that. Sorry.

Be careful what spirits you allow into your heart and mind.

Check yourself out before you examine others.

Judgment placed on others.

Judgment to define.


Where is Love?

Judgment. Self-imposed or adorned by others.

Judgment. Forged words, provoked.

Who defines the meaning?

Who balances the scale?

A struggle arises.

Thoughts and Emotions are ready to engage...

Illegal immigrant






Special needs


Plus size model















Where is Love?

Love is a fugitive.

Love is a fugitive seeking Redemption.

Now Presumption takes a bow.

With Lofty eyes, she’s ‘Best of Show’...





Color of skin

Size and shape


Genetic abnormality

The party of, ‘If ‘s‘ & ‘Then’s’ arrives with Assumption at their side.

Truth searches for vindication.

Where is Love?

Love is a fugitive.

Love is a fugitive seeking Redemption.

The credence of Haughtiness makes her grand entrance...

You were born, where?

You work, where?

You drive, what?

This? Is what you call home?

These? Are the clothes you wear?

You can’t afford that?

You like, that?

You believe, what?

You support, what?

Where is Love?

Love is a fugitive.

Love is a fugitive seeking Redemption.

Judgement takes the stage but speaks so softly, you can barely hear...

I walked by you when you needed...

a smile

a hug

a warm bed to sleep in

a hot meal

a shoulder to lean on

a new dress

clean clothes



someone to talk to

some cash for food

a warm shower

a job


Where is Love?

Love is a fugitive.

Love is a fugitive seeking Redemption.

We are called to Love.

How can we ever show true love if we are clothed in Judgement? Silent Judgement...

Where is Love?

Love is a fugitive.

Love is a fugitive seeking Redemption.


I’ll judge me.

You judge you.

Appearances are deceiving and not to be used as a basis of prominence. What thoughts/emotions rose up inside you when reading the words above? What image came to mind? Do we know what’s in someone's heart based on image? Imagery is what we use to paint the world around us. Paint something beautiful. Paint without judgement.

If I had the choice between Judgement and Love,

I’d choose Love every time.


is Love.

Lindsy Brewer


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