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Feels good, huh?

Not my problem anymore

It’s your fault

You made me do this


All better now, right?

Give the load to someone else

Although it’s still a load I carry

I guess we both share it

But you did it

Not me

I’m blameless

You deserve it more than me

Look at you hurting

You should be

I make you hurt

For self satisfaction

Or maybe I feel justified

I’m blameless, remember?

I’m above the mess

Above you

So you can feel it?


That’s what I like

Watching you suffer

It’s still not enough though

Why can’t I punish you more?

This wish just feeds my pain

I suffer for your mistakes

My stomach aches

My chest inflated

My jaw clenched

My brow suppressed

You’re responsible for how I feel now

I can’t help it

Because of you

You did this to me


I’ll just give it to you

You carry it

But somehow I’m still holding on

You keep it

But somehow it still lingers inside me

You suffer for it

But somehow I still feel the weight of it

You’re hurting

But somehow that isn’t enough


Because I can

I control it

Although it mocks me






Well done

Looks like blame won

Lindsy Brewer

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