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All it takes, is all it takes

I’ve learned I can only grow by facing my demons. 👿

I’ve learned I don’t like that 🤣 but I’m tired of the ups and downs.

It takes work to truly show growth in any area. It takes more than just three weeks of:

  • Church services

  • Self help books

  • Medications

  • Affirmations

  • Positive Quotes

  • Therapy sessions

  • Hard core weight training

  • Hot yoga sessions

  • Eating clean

Ya, that’s why I don’t like it. I hate it actually. But I can’t just expect to change one or two things and I’ll be “better.”

You mean I have to work at this? Yup.

You mean no one is going to come rescue me? Nope.

You mean I can feel better if I do the work? Isn’t it worth a try?

Trust me, I’ve said or thought it all

  • It takes energy yet I have none. I can barely make dinner.

  • It takes focus yet I can’t concentrate. I can barely go to work.

  • It takes dedication yet I can’t consistently take a shower. I can barely meet my daily water intake.

You want change in your life? Do something different! You want growth? It might be painful. It might stretch you. What‘s keeping you from growth?


So, what does it take?

-It takes it all. It takes all you’ve got if you want real growth/change.

If all you got is nothing at all, then that’s all it takes to get nothing at all. Ha!

Being vulnerable is both terrifying and freeing. My hope is through my life journey, stories and poems I share that I can help others with their pain and suffering, if even for a moment. I know I would have done anything for help in my time of darkness.

I hope this makes its way to someone in need. Know that you’re not alone. Reaching out to someone you trust will be one of your greatest victories. Face your fears. Find help! It’s the hardest thing to do but: nothing will change, if nothing changes.

Time to face your demons like a head on collision.

Be you. Be kind. Be genuine. Own your sh!t. There’s enough fake a$$ people in the world.

Lindsy Brewer 💛🕊

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