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I’m not flawless

I choke

I wait

For something to change me

Why can't I break free


I'm not flawless

I'll fall

I'll fail

My ship won't sail

I'm not flawless

I've only fallen

Still can get up

I'm not forgotten

I can face this

I still can change this

I thought I had it all figured out

I thought my life secure, no doubt

Can’t stand in anyone’s else’s shoes, cuz you really don’t know what they’ve been forced to move

And everyone sees it differently

I’m not flawless

It’s ok if days I say, “I ain’t got this.”

I can still face another day

Remembering, it’s by grace I am saved


  • my past

  • my present

  • my thoughts

  • my actions

  • my fears

  • my hopelessness

  • my broken life

  • or anything else

I choose to exchange grace for

I can earn grace

I can’t do anything to live around, it or pray about it, kneel down and stand up enough times, kiss a robe, salute the flag, stand up for, “Christian” values, kneel on a rug, have a prayer revival…

None of this matters...I can’t earn it

It doesn’t matter if I failed or sinned

It’s ONLY by grace through faith

A GIFT of God

I’m not flawless

I have many days I feel I ain’t got this

Can’t get it all straight

Living life behind a locked gate

Days I feel I’ve lost my faith

But I’m not flawless

And that’s ok

Lindsy Brewer

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