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Live Fearless

She‘s fearless because she lost.

Have compassion for that girl who just got married: she was so innocent and naive

Have understanding for that young lady who was working and raising her kids: she was trying her best to manage it all

Have forgiveness for that woman who was blending a family: she was afraid to be herself, at times wondering who she was

She’s not perfect

But she’s me

And she’s just who I want her to be

She didn’t do everything right

But she loved with all her might

She may have made one mistake too many

But that’s what stirs this fire within me

She fought her way out of the mire

And she gave with everything inside her

So embrace the daughter that grew up to be:

tender with her speech but piercing with her words

burning with compassion and fierce with empathy

cautious with her heart but passionate with her love

Take notice of that girl who has lived, loved and lost: she may have a wounded soul but her spirit is fearless

You lost. Have compassion on yourself: Live fearless

Lindsy Brewer

💛 🕊

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