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Finding Truth in the Quiet

What are we listening to? Believing? Whatever lie from the past or made up story is circulating in our head? Where does that lead us? NOWHERE! Talk to a friend, a family member or someone safe! Dig deep to find the root of your pain. Usually the lie is louder. But are we coaxing it? Yes, I know it seems too overwhelming at times. But, do you want freedom or not?

Sometimes we just need to sit back in the quiet and find the Truth within. Imagine what you could hear just by listening to the peace that the stillness provides? And filling it with positive.

Here is what the “loudness” feels like to me. This is how my worst enemy creeps in. It’s a trap, every time. It starts with some sort of pain from my past:

  • A hurt

  • A memory

  • A loss

  • A what-if

  • A remember-when

  • A I’ll never have that

Then, not too much longer...into the abyss I sail.

We need to learn the entry point of our pain. Find it. At any cost. Search but don’t live in it. No matter what the battle is going on in your head: you deserve happiness.

Fight against it. It’s a war. I’m boarder line wanting to say it’s a lethal battle for our minds to choose positive or negative thoughts.

We fight negatively against our pain with drugs, alcohol, sex, abuse, crime, more pain, isolation, separation, passive-aggressiveness, and more.

So start fighting for words of hope, promise, safety and joy to keep you from spiraling! You have to fight. I hate that part. It’s a fight and it sucks when you feel completely depleted.

Even if it sounds completely stupid, unlikely, ridiculous or incomprehensible:

Fight for hope and peace!! Even if you don’t believe it can happen.

Here‘s one tiny thing you could do: write positive statements/activities on sticky notes and post them at work, at home, in your purse and in your vehicle.

Whatever you do, stop believing the negative! You’re better than that bully in your head!

I’m gonna lose it

I was standing strong

Finally at peace

No room for negativity

No place for despair

I was happy living within these walls

But by virtue of overwhelming thoughts

I start to spiral downward

I get weak

I get tired

The joy I once held deep within in my heart

Begins to slip away

My once secure house now beginning to shake

At the front door

Emptiness is desperately trying to get in

While Peace seeks departure

Joy runs frantically looking for escape

Pain and Hurt easily find their way in

Through the back door

As soon as they enter

They join Bitterness and Anger

Who are strong and look prepared

Hopelessness slides in through the window

As Truth exits

My house now trembling

Reality no longer holds it up

It can give at any moment

The walls are chipped away by Blame and Rebuke

Sadness finds the key to the door

She joins Emptiness

Together they enter

Now Peace and Joy see their chance of escape

They flee quickly unnoticed

Sadness and Emptiness take over the house

Whatever Joy and Happiness left behind

Are thrown out by Anger as Bitterness turns to Rage

They all await the grand entrance of their most beloved guest

They prepare the house for his arrival

Enjoyment is thrown out with the trash

Smiling faces are wiped off the mirrors by Doubt

Fulfillment is dusted away

Self pity is woken by Humiliation

Loneliness shouts, “Get ready, the time is near!”

They watch as the fence of Vulnerability

Is taken down by Pride

Hurt and Rejection are now free to build an impenetrable wall

They head back in with Resentment

My house is almost ready

As Pain and Hurt fall weak

Rage and Anger pick them up

To carry them rest of the way

Their guest can’t be far now

They call out for Merciless Thoughts

All join hands

They look with anticipation out the window

They clearly see now

They run out to greet

They snatch Avoidance who was waiting on the street

The light from outside is too bright so they

Immediately pick up Fear and run back in

Their guest finally arrives

With door wide open

He still can’t get through

They remove the door

Pull down the support beams

Rip off the roof

Dismantle the foundation


Now DEPRESSION can completely rebuild my house

Lindsy Brewer

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