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A Tormented Mind

I wrote this based upon my own experiences of battling derepression and anxiety. I also wrote this for those dealing with addiction.

Disturbing images all around

A terror inside that traps me down

Its mine to keep

I will not share

But my world is greater than I can bear

I seek out refuge

I seek relief

I hear of rescue

Beyond belief

There is hope

There is a way

Here is the key

To break away

She locks the door before escape

A pointless life she tries to shape

Living a life self pity created

Yet, this was the life so desperately hated

So, alone you placed yourself

Alone you will stay

You can’t fight back

Just walk away

Unlock these chains

Break down my fortress

I wrestle daily

With this mind I’m forced with

Just write it down

Take some notes

All to get your mind a float

It sounds enticing

Throw me a rope

Then pull me down

Void of hope

Join in with me, anxiety pleads

I hold the door to all your needs

You can do it

Fall down with me

I'll hold your hand

I’m all you need

Why not lay there

All alone?

Reject your family

Reject your home

Void of comfort

Void of peace

A hopeless cause

To find relief

Pity arrives just in time

You need help

Just wait in line

Who picked up the phone

Who listened while she fell

Who tried to save her from the pit of hell

You stroke the back of merciless thoughts

The ups and downs connect the dots

A vicious cycle

Will it end

Change just one thought

Call a friend

Create a new

Create something fresh

Thrust off the weight

Placed on your chest

Breathe just to breathe

Enjoy what you can

Start simple

No need for a master plan

You know the signs

You know the truth

Why allow your pain to soothe

You cannot keep this to yourself

You end up hurting everyone else

Understandable behavior

But it’s foolish to think

You're in this alone

It’s time now to blink

Lindsy Brewer

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