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Woman of Fight

Wounded Widow

Get on your feet

It's time to prepare

The children must eat

Weeping Widow

There’s no time to waste

Pick yourself up

This life you must face

Wounded Widow

It can not be undone

Life has been lost

But your life has just begun

Weeping Widow

This label is yours no more

Woman mighty and strong

Rise up and open the door

Wounded Widow

See the sun in the sky

Live your life

Stop asking, “Why?”

Weeping Widow

Time to dream once again

Let go of the pain

There’s hope to breathe in

Weeping Widow, why do you cry? Do you realize it’s life that is passing you by? Each day presses on, without you knowing…the beautiful things that await your beholding. A dream was lost and memories only stand…but don’t lose hope of the power that lies in your hand.

Wounded Widow: the pain is intense. No one can identify, no one can make sense. Empty sadness, lonely walls…don’t answer the door, don’t return the calls. “Leave me alone”, she says in despair…”I don’t need anyone, I don’t even care.” Her lips tell a story filled with deception and fear…her eyes show great sorrows locked up with a tear. Where is the answer I desperately seek? Where is the comfort when I am weak? 

Weeping Widow, cry no more. The answer is within…it's knocking at your door. Lay down your burden, lay down your pain. Give up your heart that’s covered in stains. The time is now, it can’t be much clearer…search your soul, look in the mirror. Cover your ears if you won’t listen to this…turn away now if it’s life you want to miss.

She rises up as if to applaud…with strength in her heart she gives a firm nod. Accepting the challenge of such a great gift…she embraces the Word and her spirits do lift. 

“My life will not be a sad meaningless story…I will show the world the power of His Glory.” Not sure of what and all that will take place…just filled with courage of a new day to face. She trusts in the Lord with all of her might…no longer a Wounded Widow but a Woman with Fight!

Lindsy Brewer


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