Why Didn't You Show Me Jesus?

I’ve got a neighbor named Joe

Although I live just a few houses away

I ain’t got time to stop

I got kids to feed and bills to pay

He honks, I wave

And I know he isn't saved

But I got to mow the lawn, do the dishes and be on my way

Don’t have time to say

I wanna show you Jesus

I read about him just the other day

How he left this world in a lot of pain

He found the Lord in his final hours

And he wrote this song full of grace and power,

Why didn't you show me Jesus?

You never told me he was the

One who could free us

I've lived my whole life on the wrong side of the road

Never knowing there was a mercy seat I could go

Now I make my home in a place called misery

Why didn't you show Jesus to me

Old woman sittin’ on a rocking chair

Spends hours and hours just sitting there

Thinking ‘bout her life's ministry

All the good she did

And the time spent praying on

her knees

She recalls a time when she was only 23

A young preacher told her how Jesus set him free

Her whole life changed from that day on

And she began to preach and sing praise songs

She would sing,

Thank you for showing me Jesus

I know he is the one who freed us

I've lived my whole life on the wrong side of the road

Now I know of the mercy seat I can go

I've got a treasure in place called eternity

Thank you for showing Jesus to me

Lindsy Brewer


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