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The Greatest Play of Our Lives

I don’t speak well in crowds. I choke just talking to some people face to face. I’m writing/speaking this the best way I know how; Allegory, and we are all actors in the biggest play in history.

America, America.

The play is loud. But it captures the audience's attention.

It is angry. But it keeps most from falling asleep.

Some will wake up when the plot thickens or maybe they just need to watch more, to gain insight.

We can’t stop the show just because some are sleeping. This play is the biggest and greatest play in history...there is more to come, more time to wake people up. More time to get their attention. More time for a costume change.

It’s not necessarily true that silence is due to lack of integrity. It doesn’t equate to denial or acceptance of the hate all around us. It doesn’t mean it supports the unjust, unfair or unruly.

Some are silenced with fear.

Or confusion.

That doesn’t define someone’s motives.

Not everyone has a loud voice, but they can fight with words.

Not everyone can process this, but they can donate to the cause.

Not everyone can do, think, feel or act exactly the same as everyone else, at exactly the right time.

The stage can’t hold everyone.

Some need to experience the pain.

Some need to cope with the shame.

Some are still trying to find their place.

Some are still questioning their hearts.

Some are just trying to understand.

There are also some great voices that are needed to direct, produce or loudly sing their lines to the audience.

Some are born to play the lead.

Some only showed up for the limelight.

Some still need cue cards.

Some have a strong voice made perfect for their part.

But not all are loud.

We all have a different part to play.

Not everyone has the same role.

Not everyone appears in the first act...or the second.

There is more to come!

This play needs more time to develop the storyline. More time to introduce more actors when those in the opening act are tired or they aren’t needed again until scene 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…?

This play needs time to develop the various actors and engage the audience to keep their attention. We don’t want to lose anyone in the most important role of our lives.

Some weren’t sold by the hook.

But will be betrothed in the climax.

Some fell asleep during the rising action.

But will waken when it falls.

They will carry on with the scene, when others are tired, weak or out of breath.

Some are still whispering in the audience.

But will give a standing ovation.

Some haven’t grasped the storyline...but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

They may need time to understand all the actors’ intentions, how the scenes tie in with the plot or maybe they’re trying to figure out the ending.

Some are still looking for their seats, waiting for the casting call or getting ready backstage.

Some just need the camera angle adjusted so they can see clearer.

Not all actors are center stage.

Not all actors can play the same part.

Some parts were created specifically for the actors.

Some are the audience; applauding, praying, encouraging, supporting, gaining insight.

Be patient with those that are “silent.”

We don’t know when it’s their time to hit the stage.

That doesn’t mean we can’t stand together,

Fight together,

Live together,

Love together, and

Rejoice together.

We all just might have different roles and act in different scenes.

Some might destroy a scene by ignorance or confusion, so give them time to learn, to study their lines and to grow in their character.

Let’s not spoil the ending.

Let’s create a powerful message - together.


Just me and my thoughts. People can hate me over this. I know it won’t be due to the role I’m playing. I know exactly where I need to be and where I’m headed. No one can decide that for me. I’m not ignoring it. I’m not avoiding it.

I support, stand firm, believe, hope, love, fear, cry, mourn…

I feel shame, sorrow, disgust, outrage...

I am shocked, disturbed, frightened, infuriated...

For some, the noise is too loud right now and they will never hear you, unless it’s peaceful.

Not all! There are many that will change just by the volume from sitting in the front row.

But we’re all different and learn in different ways. Our perspectives of the play are different. That doesn’t mean the message isn’t clear.

Maybe some are called to change people's minds and hearts by their soft voice, timid actions or limited access to the stage.

There are many out there that can't handle the volume and need to sit in the back row for a while. But they will change talking to the actors back stage or during intermission. They may need a compassionate friend, a tender word or a gentle hand.

I want a better future for our nation.

I want change.

I want peace.

I want others to feel inspired, acknowledged, redeemed, justified and recognized.

I may not do everything your way, the popular way or the easiest way but…

If I’m not in the opening act, that is not acceptance of this injustice or lawlessness. This play is too big and cannot be expressed in one act. Maybe my part is right where I need to be, for now.

My character is still developing. And if I’m wanting change, I should continue to grow. That doesn’t mean I’m not watching. That doesn’t mean I’m not part of the cast. There are more scenes to follow. We all make a difference in this play. Get ready.

We all should be studying and questioning our character, our lines, and our place in:

The Greatest Role of our Lives.

Lindsy Brewer

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