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The Depression Paradigm Shift

It’s about perspective.

Only you can tell the world what you see.

Only you can share who you are with the lenses you look through.

Only you can change your perspective.

I encourage you to practice this if you are suffering from any kind of pain. Write down EVERYTHING your mind is telling you that is negative. Just write, don’t judge yourself. Then, write a positive response to each and every unproductive thought you wrote down. Use mine as an example:

This is what depression would say if it could talk. And how compassion would respond it.

Each line in, Why? is directly answered in, BECAUSE. line for line.

Notice the letter “i” in Why? as opposed to “I” in BECAUSE. How we see ourselves is significant to our healing...

Why? BECAUSE. The Conflicted Mind:


i can't make sense of this world

Where do i fit in

Where is my mind taking me

To destruction of self

How can i escape

It’s all around me

No one gets out

How can they

Crazy - alone - rejected - abandoned - lost - afraid - trembling - hopeless - lifeless - worthless

Can i make it through this

Seems impossible

No quick fix

Heaviness - hurting - pain

Why did this world try to destroy me

Why can't i be like others - they make happiness and peace seem so easy to obtain

My brain doesn't want to

Or is it obsessive thoughts

Where is my energy

It’s used up by madness and meaningless negative thoughts

No solution

No way out

Then overwhelming feelings of doubt

This wont work

This won't help

Nothing i do makes sense

One day i’m ok, one day i’m not

No stability with my thoughts

No patience with my reactions

Emotions are scattered

Feelings are everywhere

How can i bring them in control

Life is hard


i have it all, right?

That’s what you tell me

That only makes me feel worse

It’s like a lining of black hot lava slowly poured over my mind, body, spirit, soul - then it hardens

i can’t see through it, my mind can't break through - the lining is too thick and i have no instruments to crack it open

Then to the abyss i sink

A revolving door of “happy” and “sad”

Always saying sorry for things i should control; my temper, my words, my pain

Feeling worse for not stopping the cycle

Hurting the ones i love the most

How can i ask for help? i keep hurting you with my depression

Why would you want to help or even be around this

It must drive you insane as well

You try so hard

Do everything

Yet because of me, your life is hurting too

The little daily tasks of life are overwhelming, making it that much worse because i can't even do the little things

How unfair to everyone around me

i hate my depression

i hate my anger

i hate my anxiety

i hate ptsd

i hate being, living, moving and trying to get out of this relentless game of troubles

It's not fair to those around me



Why you ask?

Because this world needs me - I can make sense of this world. God created me

I fit in right where I am - I don't need to be anything else

My mind wants to take me higher, love me and build me up

Escape is now

It’s all around me

There are others who get it

The world suffers too

Vibrant - well put together - accepted - found - confident - calm - hopeful - full of life - worthwhile

I can and will make it through this

With God, all things are possible

Quick is just a term

Light hearted - joyful - good

The world will not destroy me

I have happiness and peace inside me

My brain wants to thrive - that is what it was created to do

Obsessive thoughts are not forever

Energy is all around me; in the earth, water, sky, the elements, loving humankind

Peaceful and positive


There is a way out

Happy feelings of YES - life is good

It will work out

It will help

I make sense

My thoughts are stable and controllable

My reactions are well thought out

My emotions are tamed

My feelings are under control

Life is fun


I have it all, right?

That’s what you tell me

That makes me feel better

It is like a blanket of pure love poured over my body, mind and soul - it hardens but I can see through it and my mind begins to heal. I have what I need to break free

Out of the abyss I soar

A revolving door of happiness and freedom

No need for sorry - they accept me

The cycle can stop

I don't hurt anyone

They want to help me

They don't care about my depression, only me

They want to help because they love and care.

It’s normal and ok to ask and get help

They love being around me

I drive them insanely happy

They try so hard because I am their loved one

They do everything because they love me

Because of me, they are happy too

Daily tasks are just daily tasks. Nothing more. Sometimes it gets done, sometimes not - oh well

How wonderful I am to those around me

Good-bye depression

Good-bye anxiety

Good-bye anger

Good-bye ptsd

I love being, living, moving and loving life

Those around me I can count on, always


Believe in yourself. You are not alone. Giving up cannot be an option for you.

Lindsy Brewer

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