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Rise Up To The Calling On Your Life

Whatever growth it is you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual, it will be painful. Don’t expect growth to be found in comfortability. Don’t wait for someone else to show up for you. It’s time you show up for yourself. Rise up to the calling on your life.🕊💛

Own your story. There’s power in owning your pain. It’s a process. It can get ugly. It definitely won’t be easy. But I can guarantee it’s worth it. It’s definitely better than living in your pain.

We aren’t called to pick at our wounds. We aren’t built to walk in shame. We weren’t meant to devour one another in trade for our pain.

It’s ok to linger. You can’t fight it at times.

It’s ok to loiter. Sometimes it’s all you can do to avoid it.

Just don’t live in it.

We all have a life worth living.

There’s a difference in living WITH pain and living IN pain.

Lindsy Brewer 🕊💛

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