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One’s Purpose

Do you know what you’re living and dying for?


One’s Purpose

Life is but a breath of fading beauty

Journey not but for a moment

What pen? What thought?

How do you move in time distraught

Give me a moment give me a reign

Give me joy and give me fame

I do not know what lies ahead

Times of wonder? Times of dread?

I plan for happiness

I plan for peace

I embrace the chance for heart’s relief

For fame and glory is life to aspire

Is this the passion? My heart’s desire

How do I live with what is given

Do I only pursue a public opinion

What if I only gain love and friends

Will this be told at my life’s end

Why do I question the thoughts of my heart

Is this the end? Is this the start?

Compare life and fire

Train the eye to beauty’s desire

Question what you seek to aspire

Do I only value material things

Joy and pity does both it bring

Turn your head from mindless things

With honor, love, with hope please sing

I know I’m meant for something great

I know my life the world will shake

Who am I? Why do I suffer?

How do you tell a mind to get tougher

With heart so great and mind so strong

I can’t believe this life is gone…

Lindsy Brewer


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