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My Song

You waited for me

You waited so long

Even when I had no song

You kept me alive

When I begged You to take me

I couldn't understand why

I couldn't see or hear

I wasn't seeking like I thought I was

In denial about what's in my heart

But You loved me anyway

I didn't return the grace

I fell apart and shoved it in Your face

My prideful heart soaked in vanity

Only seeking someone’s approval

In doing so, I lost all of me

In my darkest hour

You never left

Always walking with me

Always listening

I asked and begged, I cried to take me

My life destroyed by me - yet blaming You

My heart concerned what others thought

Now I know it's only by the Love You brought

This life wanted to pass me by

I said enough, this life is mine

You kept me here

For all to see

The power of Your love and mercy

Now I give my all

I give my best

I give my life

Put my heart to the test

I seek Your voice

I trust in You

I lay it all down

It’s Your Word I now pursue

You kept me alive

You knew all along

I had to break down

To find my song

Lindsy Brewer

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