Live your truth

I’ve been a hypocrite

I’ve denied my truth and painted an ever changing picture

One to match the masses’ approval

Like a chameleon changes its color to blend in

So did I

Blend in to receive an applause

Change more in the silence

Submit to fit the attire

Whoa to you

Fake as fuck

Be you

Speak your truth

Live your truth

Who are you

What do you believe

Live it

Stop drinking that poison

Upon the stage built from deception

Fueled by media and people pleasers

You are more than that

Don’t be fooled

Start living

Your truth

Every day

What are you really living for

Have you really thought of that

I know it’s hard to read between the lines

The celebrities

The politicians

Their gimmicks

Selling lies for selfish gain

Afraid to voice the truth

Cowards walking in denial of their own truth

While seeking to destroy yours

Live your truth

Be genuine

One day

Very soon

This will all


You have but one


Maybe only one last


Now live it

Lindsy Brewer

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