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Divorce; a Child’s Plea


The pain this will cause

Have you thought this through

Did you know that I am hurting too

Only a divorce you say

But to me, my life is completely drifting away

I will miss the days we all came together

Holidays, birthdays, vacations, and just, whatever

I will miss the comfort from my favorite couple

Now that you’re gone

will I get lost in the shuffle

I will miss our family and all its grandeur

I will miss the times we had before

I will miss your arm around mom's shoulder

Imagining that will be me when I’m older

I will miss the security your marriage has brought

Understanding the good and bad, and what it has taught

Knowing that two people can make it through the worst

Only to find themselves finishing first

I always looked to your marriage as a prize

I can’t image it gone, my mind can’t even realize

If it is gone, what can I believe

That at any moment you give up…you leave

I know I am only a person on the sideline

Not knowing what is going on in your mind

I’m sure you can explain it, you always do

But I can’t imagine mom without you

My one hope is that someday you’ll awake

To see that leaving was a big mistake

But in that moment, on that date

Will what you face is that it’s too late

Will you look around and all you’ll see

Is an empty house with no family

Lindsy Brewer


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