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Desire’s Fire

Caught in the fire of temptation…is desire worth it?

Desire’s Fire

Haunting past, blazing fire

Cold and icy road

Where to go?

Temptation to unknown

Oh what dark thoughts I have sewn

Scattered – wandering

Where is the straight path?

No one knows

This mindless game of woes

She doesn’t care about your life

She only cares about desire

It consumes her, feeds her

Makes a warm bed for her

But where will she wake tomorrow?

In strangers bed of sorrow

That fire – the burning desire

Let it out – unleash the mire

He lets her give him all of her

To find him helpless – eyes of blur

He holds her hand led to desire

He finds himself in bed of fire

Lindsy Brewer


Inspired by Proverbs chapters: 5, 6 & 7

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