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Deception can lurk in the envy of a different life, the fear of man, the hatred of another race, the rage against gender or in the lies that suicide speaks. There are many traps to take us down...

drugs, alcohol, other addictions, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, judging, envying…Anyone can fall prey to deception. It skillfully masters a special brew for each one of us...


One blameless sip from your vile

It tastes so good

I’ll stay awhile

At first it's harmless

It seems so right

It gently whispers to you at night

It creeps in more

to satisfy your greed

It takes your soul

the more you feed

Once securely resting there

Deception chooses the clothes you wear

Too hard to break free

It knows your course

A mighty blow with a deadly force

Now it's taken over your soul

It feels impossible to control

Giving in just confirms your doubts

‘I told you so’ is what it shouts

No longer a whisper

It’s all I now hear

Deception is feeding

All of my fears

These thoughts must end

These thoughts I can stop

Ambitiously, I run

Abandoned, I drop

Look over there

Oh, how it shines

Forget your vows

Just drink more wine

Give in to greed

Give in to hate

Give up your heart

Give up your fate

Do you know what waits to catch your fall?

Just listen deception’s call...

Lindsy Brewer

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