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Change for America

Do we have to spread hate and fear in order to get change in America? Is it in our power to be compassionate and loving people who are strong, prudent and fight for justice, without hate? People who can take their hatred and turn it for good. People who fight for what’s right with just as much passion and fury as those that hate. People who can see that now more than ever we need to come together and fight for this country.

There’s a silent war going on. It’s gaining momentum and it’s about to start screaming.

Something has to change. We all are preaching how much America needs change. We want change but we won’t change our hearts or the way we talk to/about each other. I’m guilty - are you? Or do we just put blame on everyone and everything else? We want America to be this great nation but we can’t wash the filthiness out of our mouths. We want us all to come together but can’t even have a civil conversation with others that oppose our beliefs. Automatic division right there. There’s division even before we meet or talk to someone, yet we are preaching for change. I see a lot of hypocrisy in America, regardless of what political party you support. Again, myself included.

How can this continue? How can this work to provoke change? How can we change our nation for the better if we can’t even change our own hearts?

2020-2021 has made me dig deep into the person I am and the person I want to be. My core belief system and values. I know what I thought and how I behaved 20 years ago is completely different now. It’s changed even in the last 10 years. And especially in the past few years! I want to know what my role is right now, at this time in history. We are living in a time as no other AND this is the only life we get to live. What are we here to do? What are we here to fight for? What are we living for? As Americans, what can we PERSONALLY do to bring unity and peace?

This nation is the greatest and most coveted nation in the world. People risk their lives and children’s lives to come here. I love this nation and am proud to be an American. I’m proud that people from other nations can come and live here too. I’m not proud of what our ancestors did to take this land nor the injustices still happening today. I want to fight for justice in our nation. We are destroying this nation. To break into a nation's capital?? I want justice. I want truth - wherever it is hidden in our government.

Change won’t be served to us on a silver platter held by a politician. It’s the people that create change. It’s not political. It’s humanity. Some of us have lost focus and forgot we are ALL humans, created equal and made in the image and likeness of God. Of course not everyone believes the God part but we at least can agree we are humans and need to value human life, equally. We are killing ourselves over politics instead of humanity. And most of it is fueled by hate, lies and fear. We haven’t taken care of our planet, we can at least take care of one another.

I want to fight for justice for our nation but don’t know how as a little Tri-City white girl. What can I do during a pandemic? The only thing I know to do is to spread a message of unity and pray. I mean, I’m just not the looting and domestic-terrorist type, so that’s out. And I definitely am not a politician nor trust a single one of them. I like getting people to think and for those people to get me to think. This nation needs each other more now than ever.

Lindsy Brewer

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