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Beautiful Sorrows

Seeking to find the beauty in our suffering

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Beautiful Sorrows

Seeking to find the beauty in our suffering


Just what I needed to hear.

Pain and loss are apart of life.

Learning to live with it is a journey.

Welcome to my page!

My heart's desire is that you read, connect and share.


May the words touch your life in the moments most needed.

May you be inspired, touched, comforted, loved, accepted, understood, heard and believed.


May we create a positive and healthy place to share our stories and encourage each other to live our best life.

Lindsy Brewer

Have You Ever Imagined?

Children's Read Aloud Book

It's not everyday you meet a green elephant with a candy cane trunk! Or how about a camouflaged kangaroo with sandpaper ears?

Take a journey into the world of eight unique creatures as they face bullying, rejection and abandonment from others.


Using creative imagery and catchy rhymes, this

thought-provoking book will question how we perceive others and to look beyond our five senses.

It doesn't matter what you look like, where you are from, how you dress, the color of your skin, they way you talk or the things you like.

Whatever makes up you is...

just perfect!

No matter what anyone says.

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